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Author Topic: The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end  (Read 3038 times)

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The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:40:15 AM »
Last week, last chapters! Now you're free to discuss anything without the fear of spoiling something. :)

The summit was a bit of an anticlimax, imho. It was just a conference where people talked and nothing happened (besides his talk to Prince Sitri). Then he had sex with Caz again, the bomb exploded and he and Sam had to flee. That was a pretty cool sequence and Howly's end was funny and for Bobby probably extremely satisfying.

And he killed the Ghallu. Wow. Now we know what Orban meant with special silver. I'm a bit sad that the amulet is gone now, though and I bet Caz will be too. It saved his life, true, but I don't think she wants to hear: "Oh yes, the amulet that is so special to you that you kept it for 500 years and let it burn you every single day? I kinda lost it after a few hours and I didn't even try to save the lock of hair from your favorite servant girl."

I knew that there was more to Sam, so I wasn't that surprised when it turned out that he was Doc Habari. I was surprised that Bobby had the feather all along. That was great. On the other hand, I'm not sure his jacket pocket was the safest place. He could've lost his jacket (or have it destroyed) countless time when he was fleeing from Eligor's men or the Ghallu.

Clarence was a bit disappointing. He was exactly what Bobby and Sam thought from the beginning. A simple, not too bright, corporate spy.

I'm not sure what to think about Heaven. It looks as if God really made the humans in his image (and his angels too) with the difference that our world develops and gets better and Heaven is static and doesn't even try to correct the many flaws it has.
No wonder some think the third way is necessary. I wouldn't want to be in this kind of heaven either.

This book had a few weak points but was, all in all, very enjoyable and a fast read. In my eyes, Williams succeeded in trying out a new voice.
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Re: The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 11:25:34 AM »
I agree I felt it lost a bit of it's fizz in the end. It felt a bit rushed and maybe saving a bit for the next book?

Overall though I did enjoy this book. I liked the concept, Bobby was a good character, I liked that it was set around the Bay Area and San Francisco which is a city I love. I will probably read the rest of the books in the series and will try other Tad Williams books too.
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Re: The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2013, 07:43:47 PM »
I did manage to finish this one today, which comes as a surprise to me.  I wasn't enjoying it and was ready to give up, and then I got to the bit with the letter about the Third Way and decided to keep reading.  The ending was a little bit disappointing for me - the conference wasn't all that special, and yes, Clarence had much less going on that I was anticipating.

Oh well.  For me, a ho hum book.  I never really loved Bobby as a character, and the relationship with Caz left me sort of saying, "so what?"  I'm glad I finished, but I'm also glad it's done. 
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Re: The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2013, 03:01:11 AM »
Xiagan said it all for me. I wish I could have liked Bobby more, but he grew on me, and I'm glad I read the book. Not sure I'll be reading the others in this series though. Definitely planning to read more books by the author, as Shadowmarch is already on my shelf.

This is probably going to sound weird since flawed characters are always more interesting than perfect ones, but it bothered me that the angels weren't any better than the humans. I mean, they were drunks, and they slept around, and they cursed, and tried to destroy their enemies, and had bad thoughts about heaven, and even doubted God's existence. So why were humans sentenced to hell for those same behaviors? They definitely needed a third way.  ;)

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Re: The Dirty Streets of Heaven Week 4: Chapters 29-end
« Reply #4 on: November 28, 2013, 12:58:18 PM »
So, the summit went off with a bit of a bang, hehe  :P

The Dollar/ Caz reunion was predictably   ::) ... Dollar seems quite naive where she is concerned. Should make for an interesting sequel though.

Quite disappointed that the feather didn't hold more significance or actually do anything - other than make Dollar an unwitting target, that is.....

Interesting that Heaven and Hell both seem to be run by a bureaucratic shower of puppets ... apart from the decor there doesn't really seem much to choose between them - feeling really sorry for all the atheists that get lumbered with one or the other, lol. Totally get why some felt it necessary to create an alternative option...but where will it end? What happens when a few decided they aren't happy with what is behind doors 1, 2 or 3 and want to make a fourth?  :o :P ;D

Didn't guess the Sam = Habari thing. Knew Sam was in it up to his neck in some way, but that connection hadn't occured to me. Like that.
Also like that Clarence turned out to be exactly what he seemed to be - thought it was an amusing twist.

Overall I enjoyed this book. Quite formulaic and full of cliches but tons of fun. Will be picking up the sequel at some point.  :)