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Author Topic: The Last Wish - Week 2  (Read 1980 times)

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The Last Wish - Week 2
« on: July 11, 2015, 01:10:19 AM »
Week 2 discussion is now open!
Discussion stops at the end of "A Question of Price"

I plan on adding my comments this weekend, but am opening the discussion for anyone who is ready now.
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Re: The Last Wish - Week 2
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 08:50:08 AM »
Disappointing how little traffic this thread has received. Come on people! Thoughts, questions on this section??
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Re: The Last Wish - Week 2
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2015, 06:45:05 PM »
Still really enjoying it.  :) I think the fairytale references may have got a little too on the nose in this section of the book, for me anyway. But I did still like the stories and the characters involved.

It's great to see some more of Geralt's character coming through and his morals. He's quite a fascinating character and I'd be really curious to know how others read him. Here are some thoughts:

- He doesn't believe in 'lesser evil' but he clearly does have a sense of what 'evil' might be itself. In other words, he's not amoral. Rather, he's against using 'lesser evil' as an excuse or justification to do bad things. He doesn't seem to like the idea that ends can justify means.
- However, he is drawn into acting just this way. I think this shows that he does have his own personal scale of evil, and perhaps that he believes some people are more innocent than others?
- I think people's praise/condemnation is actually quite important to him, though he seems to put on a pretence that it isn't. I think he actually quite likes to play the role of hero, but for him 'hero' would be a much more complicated concept than it might be for others.
- He does seem to care about people, and not just his friends.
- HOWEVER, he does insist on being paid for jobs. Would he kill a monster that was threatening an innocent person/village, if that person/village couldn't afford to hire him? This doesn't really come up in these stories, or it hasn't yet anyway, and I would love to know. I'm not sure what he would do. Thoughts?
- He seems to have a bit of a 'Star Trek prime directive' thing going on. By that I mean that he doesn't seem to like to interfere with anything outside of his job. He likes to be properly hired to deal with a monster, and then he deals with the monster. He doesn't want to be drawn into politics or people's personal lives or whatever. If it's nothing to do with him, he says so, and leaves it alone.
- However, the monster-slaying is not simply 'a job' to him. He will deal with the monster in the way HE sees fit. I get the impression that if he doesn't think it needs or deserves to be killed, then he won't kill it, even if he has been paid to do so. This hasn't really been tested yet though. No-one hired him to kill the monster in the cottage in the second story, so it didn't matter that he left him alive. But if they had, would he have done it?
- He also refuses to be hired for anything other than being a witcher - he's not an assassin or a mercenary, and this distinction is very important to him. I'd say that perhaps monsters represent a less ambiguous evil, so he's happy to deal with them rather than other humans, but this is clearly not the case. In the stories so far, monsters haven't necessarily been evil at all, but humans certainly can be.
- He doesn't believe in deities, and his sense of right and wrong doesn't appear to be based on the law either, so it must come from within, something that he's decided for himself.

He's a complex character, much more than you might expect from a trained monster killer, and I like how each story reveals a little more about him. What do others think about his morals and the ways he deals with problems? Does he have a code? Do you think he'd save a village that couldn't pay him? Why is he so against being hired to kill humans, but he doesn't mind being hired to kill monsters, even though some humans are more evil than some monsters?

(Sorry about the wall of text. There wasn't much discussion in this thread yet so I thought I'd go into some detail  :))

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Re: The Last Wish - Week 2
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2015, 11:49:06 AM »
I know this is really late but have just started reading this book and absolutely love it. I love the twist he puts on the fairy tales, especially Snow White/Renfri I was so upset when she didn't get to avenge the wizard.