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Re: [DEC 2016] - Dragons! - Submission Thread
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1252 words

A Fitting

Spoiler for Hiden:

Myaria had spent three days working on the structure weaving wood, vines and leaves into the dragon head before her. Her hands were covered in bloody nicks and scratches. Her body ached. She walked around the structure, taking in the details. Vines twisted, leaves layered into scales, and natural paints came together to make her dragon. She looked to the flower eyes. They needed darkness around the eyes.

She lowered herself to the woven matt on the ground to collect soot from the fire pit. It felt so good to sit. She stretched out and looked to the clear sky. Just a few minutes she thought and let her eyes close.

She is a child again with her Father on his boat the Waterfly. The name was one of the few memories that stayed with her. Swaying, cuddled together on a hammock, he pointed to the stars and told their stories. The sun came up and the clouds closed in, a storm rolled toward them they tried to outrun it. As they headed home the temperature dropped, swells rose and spray burned their her eyes. Her Father hugged her and sent her below deck. She stopped on the stairs and held the rail. She watched through squinted eyes as the winds and waves battered the sails. She was jolted as a deafening sound splintered around her. Cold water and screams accompanied the end of the world she had known.

The sun burned as it beat down on her. Her lips cracked when she drew in a deep breath. She still held onto the railing. Time passed, day turned to night and into day. She didn't know how long she floated. The minutes stretched into eternity.

She didn't register the shadow at first. It circled several times before she found the strength to look up. It was magnificent. A red dragon flew above her. She let the rail go and floated on her back. She gave herself up to it.
A throaty roar broke the monotonous lapping of the water. It dove right toward her. The claw slammed into her. It pushed her down, she choked on saltwater. It tightened its grasp on her and lifted her up into the air. She coughed out the water and watched it fall away.

Myaria gasped for air and woke herself. She sat up on the matt. She looked around to see night had fallen. A circle of torches surrounded her and the dragon head. She knew the community was there, just out of sight. Priestess Naihi came and knelt beside her. The scales along the top of Priestess Naihi's brow shimmered in the torch light. She took Myaria's hand in her claw tipped hand and helped her to her feet.

"Rathia the Red brought you to us many years ago." Priestess Naihi smiled and caressed a scar along side Myaria's cheek. "We healed you. We came to know and love you." She reached into a pouch at her waist and pulled out a small glass bottle. "And tonight you offer yourself to us to serve Dragons."

Myaria takes the offered bottle. The liquid is thick and dark. She drinks it down in a single bitter gulp.

"?May a Dragon choose you and not let Death claim you.? "

Myaria followed Priestess Naihi into the mouth of the dragon. Inside hung a hammock. The room wavered in Myaria's vision. She stumbled onto the hammock. Priestess Naihi's hand was quick to steady her. She expertly guided her into a laying position. The torch light outside shown through the gaps in the dragon head. It had a strange texture matching the slow drumming that had started up. It turned her stomach.

Myaria swallowed and turned to face Priestess Naihi, "If I am not..." The words trailed off as she followed a pattern of light flit about the room.

"Shhh, My. Don't fight it." Priestess Naihi said as she dabbed the sweat from Myaria's forehead. "Close your eyes. Go with it. Find the one that fits and you will know you are chosen. You will change and the drink will no longer have effect on you. When you are chosen and ready to join us. Walk out the mouth on a bed of coals without burning." Naihi said. She kissed her cheek then she straightened. "If you are not chosen the drink will stop your heart." She said and left.

Myaria let her eyes close. She floated in nothingness. A memory of the moon reflected in rolling waves came to mind. She floated. She could feel huge masses of energy. They came near then went away. She was curious but not enough to reach for them. Time no longer mattered. She floated along.

"If none will try, I will." A deep male voice boomed into her mind. The world exploded in riotous color. It jarred her. She fought against the connection. "Not a fit for me." the voice said and the energy moved away. The darkness reclaimed her.

The next gently touched her in little brushes against her consciousness. She glimpsed a green world. She tried to let the connection happen. Maybe she tried too hard.

"Not to be." the faintest whisper of a voice touched her.

A few others tried to connect. Though the few that easily joined with her weren't the right matches.

One came close and sniffed her. It circled her and sniffed again like it was trying to place the scent. It did this a few more times then declared "Rathia! She smells of Rathia." It laughed and drifted off.

The energies slowed. She drifted. Memories came and went. Priestess Naihi spoon-feeding her soup, dancing to  drums by a fire, Her mother's face. She tried to grasp onto that memory. She wanted to remember more of her mother. She saw her father at the prow of the Waterfly. She saw the shadow pass.

The energy that cast that shadow came near her. She wanted to leap toward it. It called to her. They circled and came together. Together they floated and together they flew. They sailed through the sky. They turned and spun. Memories of her mother played in their minds eye. Her mother tucked them in bed. They terrorized a herd of sheep. They exhausted themselves.

"We will gift you and we will serve." Raitha and Myaria vowed together.

Myaria felt a deep relief. Not only was she chosen, she had memories of her mother. It started with a tingle and as she became more aware of her body it became a burn. A fire raged inside her. It cleansed and reshaped her. When it was over she sat up. She raised her hands to her face. She felt scales on her cheeks and along the edges of her face. There were spines around her neck, they cascaded down her shoulders and trailed her arms. She was remade.

She was aware of Rathia in her mind. She helped take the pain. She took pleasure in Myaria's bodily changes. She wanted to see them and was already on her way. Myarai thanked her.

She was ready to join her community. She stood and moved to the dragons mouth. She could feel the heat from the coals. On the other side Naihi and the others waited. Naihi nodded and beckoned Myaria. She took a deep breath, felt Rathia's strength and stepped onto the coals. She took deliberate easy steps until she stepped off the coals and into Naihi's out stretched arms.

"You are beautiful"

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Re: [DEC 2016] - Dragons! - Submission Thread
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The Dragon and the Lamb, 1500 words.

Spoiler for Hiden:

It’s the greatest irony that the universe contains infinite worlds and possibilities yet the History of its civilizations often follows the same predictable pattern of planets orbiting around a star.

Kargarath flew through debris, his azure aether wings and body the only contrast inside the orange nebula created by the massive supernova.

Two populated systems were here. Now nothing. Accursed Zenobians.

Kargarath had great plans for that species. In a few million years he would have returned here. To think they would destroy themselves…

He sighed. He should’ve known better by now. All gone and not a single soul to keep Zenobian science, technology or experiences. A waste.

A wave of gravitational distortion rippled through his ethereal body. He sensed a metal structure and… three living beings.

Except for Kargarath himself, nothing could have survived multiple detonations of ragnamite devices followed by a cosmic supernova. That meant the Zenobians unintentionally altered a portion of time-space, something he desperately hungered for more information. He clenched his ghostly claws and went to check the anomaly.

They were tiny, no taller than six feet, inside space suits. Two standing. Their reaction was obvious when Kargarath, over twenty feet of energy, aether and light towered over them: they shot him.

Heated red beams. Primitive technology. Their mouths moved frenetically, as if they whatever they were shouting could be heard in space. A third lied immobile. Kargarath almost didn’t notice the faint light hovering over it, slowly disintegrating. He absorbed it.

In a second the man’s name, physiology, family, language… everything he knew, saw or experienced in life was now Kargarath’s.

“Greetings, earthlings,” Kargarath said telephetically.
“Did you hear that, Sara? It’s inside us.”

“Shut up, Lukas. Hear it…him.”

“A wise choice. Your uniforms and ship won’t resist the radiation spreading this way. If you wish to live… enter.” Kargarath opened his massive mouth.

Sara checked her instruments. “It’s true.”

“You’re not really considering this…” said Lukas.

 She stared at Kargarath’s eyes. “What’s the worse that could happen there that won’t happen here?” She approached. “I feel like Aladdin.” She threw herself inside.


“It’s alright.”

Lukas entered. Very slowly.

“You can remove your suits if you wish.”

“No way,” said Lukas.

Sara removed her helmet. She was blonde, with various tones of blue, green and pink mixed in, the effect of watercolor, the hair merely a canvas. Lukas removed his helmet. Bald, half his face was robotic, both eyes electronic.

 “You’re crazy,” he said.

“No, you are. The first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial lifeform, and you’re worried about petty things like oxygen or giant teeth.” She floated away. “Who are you?”


“Sara. Astronaut, scientist and tech-savvy. This doofus here is my husband Lukas. He does the same things, except worse.”

“I personally believe you only win in hairstyle.”

“Speaking of it, you looked so magnificent at distance. The little dots ressembling stars in your skin, these energy rays looking like veins connecting them… you looked like a ghost tattooed with constellations. I like your style, Kargarath.”

This is what you tell to our first extraterrestrial contact?”

Kargarath interrupted them. “What are you doing in space?”

“Our planet is dying,” said Lukas. “A desperate mission to find resources in our nearby systems that could help. But we entered something along the way. Zhou died in the crash.”

The Firebreather, Kargarath’s small, but powerful and fast ship arrived. For the earthlings it was colossal; their biggest structures paled in comparison.

“Your civilization must be amazing,” said Sara.

“It’s gone. I’m the last.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“I can help yours, though.”

“Really?” Asked Lucas. “How?”

“See the universe through my eyes, a universe so vast as to be immeasurable and incomprehensible even to the greatest minds that have ever existed.”

Their minds merged. Sara and Lukas saw civilizations beyond their imagining. Domed cities orbiting around a planet. Galactic commercial hubs. Creatures even bigger than Kargarath.

They saw the fury of the cosmos. Supernovas and black holes. The horrors. They saw planets hatching from within, revealing an insectoid race that devoured unhabited planets. Civilizations destroying planets or systems with massive weapons.

“This is amazing. And terrifying. Does History always repeat itself? Is destruction a law in the universe?” Asked Lukas.   

“Whether by their own creations or by the natural fury and horrors of the cosmos, I have seen entire systems vanish into cosmic dust faster than the time it takes for your mortal hearts to beat once; civilizations and their denizens erased of existence without so much as a whimper.”

“What’s out there?” Asked Sara.

“I wonder…
“The Swarm feeds on planets and use their crusts and cores like parasites replicating inside an egg, moving from planet to planet, impermeable and uncaring to the harshest conditions of space.
“The Devourer sleeps in his whirling house made of void, and will remain so for a few more million years, when it will wake once again to sate its hunger and bring upon the final darkness to countless worlds.
“The Chronokeeper knows the secrets of time-space, risking the entire fabric of the universe as she keeps creating her own pocket parallel dimensions with different possible futures with her Hourglass.”

“You can help us,” said Lukas.

“It’s in my interests. But you won’t live to see it.”


“The nearest place with food and water apropriated for your biological composition is forty-two days from here.”


“C-cant you put us in stasis or something?” asked Sara.

“I don’t have such primitive technologies here. I’m ethereal. Thus I can merge your consciousness into mine. I can offer you that.”

The next day, defeated by hunger and thirst, Sara and Lukas held hands and agreed.

And Kargarath took their souls.

A car trip.

“Damn, Sara, changed hair color again. Red, black and… green? Jesus. Why do you love so much color?”

“Haha, I don’t know. Maybe mom ate a rainbow during pregnancy. But don’t worry, the wedding dress will be white.”

Darkness. A moving bed.

“Lukas? Lukas? Is he alive?”

“Yes, miss, please back off. Something went wrong with the systems and he was without protection. Sun rose at that time. He lost his sight, and half his body froze.”

“Oh my God…”

“We can save him. Now please back off or I’ll have to call security, miss.”

More than seven decades of existence assimilated in less than seven seconds. Kargarath let their bodies float together in space.


He found Earth four months later, after searching systems and galaxies with limited information of the Solar system. Tiny as the earthlings. Their Sun grew and the orbit of the planet was too close. That combined with their own neglects and lack of technological advancement only worsened the scenario.

They never reached the next stage of advanced civilizations: interspecies cultural and technological contact. The next planet with intelligent life was hundreds of systems away. Equally lacking advancement.

Kargarath selected a few technological plans between millions of civilizations, choosing the ones Earth would be able to reproduce to save themselves and to make their souls stronger. He made holograms of Sara and Lukas, explaining those plans. Nevermind no one would be able to explain how they came across or knew so much about them. They would, ironically, be hailed as saviors and heroes.

Then Kargarath returned to his preferred galaxy and his ship entered the black hole in its center. Event horizons were a problem long solved by him. And the best place to hide when most vulnerable.

The Swarm surrounded the ship, waiting.

“Come, my children, gather to me.”

And they obeyed their master. The insects landed around the ship, feeding it the energy of consumed planets.

All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured.

Despite billions of years of evolution and learning, above everything else he was a dragon. A hunter. A predator. A devourer. No amount of science, culture or technology from any civilization would change that essential, primordial definition of himself. It could, at best, only alter what and how he hunted; the means, but not the ends.

One day he would catch Seleniarath and her Hourglass. How he wished to retain immortal life with a simple time change. Kargarath didn’t even care for being unable to alter the present or the future. He just wanted to get rid of the tedious process of harvesting souls of entire worlds then sleep for million of years so his own wouldn’t shatter under the weight of trillions and trillions of souls merging into his own being.

Sometimes a civilization tried to fight him back. But a dragon doesn’t feel ants biting at his scales.

Hopefully after a few million years sleeping he would find Earth in much better conditions than they currently were, thanks to their cosmic isolation.

That’s what Earth was now, a little lamb lost and alone in the dark woods, alive only because it wandered this far unnoticed, and now lies at the wolf’s mercy.

Or more precisely, at the dragon’s.
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