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Author Topic: Ask the author a question  (Read 2351 times)

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Re: Ask the author a question
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Should we have an ask the peat a question topic

Nobody wants me to answer questions though  :P Where as I do want to torment Daniel a bit...  8)

@Peat: This story was born as a companion story for my fantasy series. I knew that at some point, the narrative in the main series would move to Alcázar and involve an old master thief. Thinking about it, I wondered how did he become this master thief, ruler of the underworld? What did he do in his youth to establish his reputation? And so on. And some of the things you mention, I'll write about those in the main series, so I didn't feel a need to include it here.

Though I am right now writing an interactive novel to be published on an app (maybe in a month's time or so), which will be based on Prince of Cats, but involve magic and wizards a lot more, so I'm not finished with drawing inspiration from this setting.

Yes, we eat Danish pastries, but we call it Vienna bread, as the recipe was brought to us from Vienna (originally from Croatia, I believe). Then we perfected the art and spread it to the rest of the world.

And why don't you keep the questions coming, see who blinks first.

*pins eyelids back*

What would you say is the most stereotypically Danish dishes?

Is the interactive fiction just a CYOA, or are there gaming elements like Fighting Fantasy?

And didn't you release the latest book in the series recently? Or am I just dreaming?

What's the best insult you used in the book?
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Re: Ask the author a question
« Reply #16 on: April 14, 2020, 10:36:18 AM »
@Bender: I am undecided. I have 2 more stories for Jawad as ideas, which would also see a return of Salah. But time and finances must sometimes determine my writing priorities, and I don't think I can commit to writing more books about our Prince. At least not for the foreseeable future.

That said, as I mentioned elsewhere, this story came about because I knew Jawad was going to appear in my main series, and I wanted to explore his youth. So Jawad appears on his own as a supporting character in my epic series set in this world (though taking place 30 years after The Prince of Cats).

@Peat: Probably rye bread with slices of spiced sausage, a condiment called remoulade, and pieces of fried onion. Or rye bread with fried cod roe, lemon juice, and remoulade on top. Or rye bread with a dozen other constellations like that.

The interactive novel will have some gaming elements, though reasonably simple ones. You will have health and energy. Taking damage from traps and enemies will wear your health down, and enough damage will kill you, forcing you to restart the chapter. Some actions require energy, and if you run out of energy, those actions will not be available to you, possibly forcing you to take damage instead (say, if you've exhausted yourself, so you can't outrun the golem chasing you). There'll also be scoring metrics, like gold, cunning, and unique items, rewards for playing well.

The story is basically that of a thief entering a mystical tower to claim a prize. Our thief has to ascend all the levels of the tower, avoiding traps, mystical dangers, monsters etc. to reach the top and face the Sorcerer.

I did, yes, the second installment in my Chronicles is out, The Raven's Cry. You can get a free copy here:

I think my preferred insult is Jawad's reference to Hashim's equipment as being needle-sized.
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