How To Self-Publish

How To Self-Publish


How The Belgariad Taught Me To Write A Cyberpunk Dystopia – Guest Blog by Ferrett Steinmetz

The Belgariad to Cyberpunk Dystopia

Guest Blog: Ferrett Steinmetz

Publishing and LGBT Erasure or My Issues with Robo-Boobs

Publishing and LGBT Erasure

Article / Guest Blog


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Raw (2017): Disturbingly Brilliant Body Horror

Raw (2017): Disturbingly Brilliant Body Horror 

Here on Fantasy-Faction, we’re committed to bringing you (yes, you!) the best original content we possibly can. To accomplish this, we’ve recently recruited a range of insanely talented new contributors, whose interests and areas of expertise cover various aspects of the genre. This means that while the usual brilliant fantasy reviews, interviews, cover reveals and articles […]

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