How To Self-Publish

How To Self-Publish


How The Belgariad Taught Me To Write A Cyberpunk Dystopia – Guest Blog by Ferrett Steinmetz

The Belgariad to Cyberpunk Dystopia

Guest Blog: Ferrett Steinmetz

Publishing and LGBT Erasure or My Issues with Robo-Boobs

Publishing and LGBT Erasure

Article / Guest Blog


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Disabilities in SFF (Redux): More or Less than ‘Fine’?

Disabilities in SFF (Redux): More or Less than ‘Fine’? 

Quite some time ago, I wrote a pretty vague and largely naive (in that I missed a lot) article about disability in SFF. It was exclusively about physical disabilities and was, generally, written by someone who only vaguely knew what he was talking about. I referenced The Wild Hunt author, Elspeth Cooper as she talked a little about […]

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