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Small Press, Big Stories: Shadow Alley Press

Today on #smallpressbigstories, Michael Gruneir gives us a look at James A. Hunter’s publishing company: Shadow Alley Press.

James A. HunterI am a huge fan of James Hunter’s work. He was also my very first interview at Fantasy-Faction. I talked to him recently about his publishing company Shadow Alley Press, its beginnings, its projects, and its mission statement.

James Hunter is the author of two excellent and highly addictive fantasy sagas: The Yancy Lazarus urban fantasy series, which currently sits at five novels (with a sixth to come this year) and two novellas, as well as Viridian Gate Online, a LitRPG series currently sitting at five novels, with two more planned for this year. Hunter writes a lot, and his devout following of readers clamour for his newest work. But aside from being a prolific writer, James Hunter is an entrepreneur with exceptional taste.

His company Shadow Alley Press, which he runs with his wife Jeanette Strode, is an example of a small press with huge ambition. Shadow Alley focuses on putting out excellent fast paced fantasy and sci-fi titles, and while, like many self-published authors, Hunter turns in the bulk of his revenue from ebooks and audiobooks, the quality of his companies’ paperback output is higher than not only most self-publishers and indies but also many large publishing houses.

Shadow Alley Press (logo)Shadow Alley Press started as a small press of one—as a way for Hunter to publish his own books. And for the first two-years, that’s all it was. His own personal imprint. But as he and his wife Jeanette began to grow as publishers and understand the business better, they came to the realization that they had something of real value to offer other writers. Hunter believes that anyone can self-publish and be successful if they are willing to put in the time and learn the skill, but stresses the immense amount of work and organization required to turn it in to a profitable business. Luckily this power couple loves their work!

Currently, Shadow Alley only has a handful of authors working under their roster, which aside from Hunter himself, includes: Sam Witt, Aaron Crash and Eden Hudson, all of whom have released a novel under the imprint. Hunter and Strode want to grow their author base very slowly, stressing quality and preventing overextension. Hunter stated that he wants to ensure that every author and project they take on gets the time and attention they deserve to have the best possible chance at success.

Two-Faced (cover)One of the perks authors signed to Shadow Alley receive is the opportunity to work on a co-written project with Hunter himself. Aaron Crash and Hunter released War God’s Mantle, part one of a LitRPG series called The War God Saga. And most recently Hunter and eden Hudson launched Two-Faced, the first in a trilogy of novels starring Winona Treesinger, a character from the Yancy Lazarus universe. Hunter enjoys these projects, stating that working with other writers is a blast. He enjoys the collaborative process with those who write in different styles, and he also has a strong desire to help his authors branch out and maintain personal success by kick starting them with these projects.

“Aaron and eden are both extremely talented storytellers who are trying to break in and build their audiences,” stated Hunter, “which is a tough thing to do. I’ve been very blessed and have achieved a level of personal success, so I also do the co-author projects in hopes of helping them build a readership more quickly”

As for production, Shadow Alley Press has a tight-knit team of absolute pros that they work with, including professional editors, cover designers, and audio narrators. He and Strode are very hands on with every project, but they also employ people to do the jobs they cannot.

James Hunter and Jeanette Strode of Shadow Alley Press hold true to a strong mission statement:

Revenge of the Bloodslinger (cover)“We love books and we are crazy-passionate about publishing the best adult Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Action-Adventure around,” Hunter enthused. “Though our stories can be thought provoking at times, our primary goal is to entertain readers with wild stories and interesting characters you can’t walk away from. We want to whisk readers into a different world where the impossible is possible, where monsters lurk around every corner, but so do heroes, always ready to swoop in and fight back the dark.”

Hunter and Strode are also deeply dedicated to connecting with their readers. They frequently update their social media with personal video info sessions, and regularly offer ARC copies, of new books, and special deals to devoted fans.

Welcome to Shadow Alley Press, Where Independent Authors Thrive.

To learn more about Shadow Alley Press, its authors and publications you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


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