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Black City Dragon by Richard A. Knaak – Cover Reveal

Today Fantasy-Faction would like to welcome Richard A Knaak to the site so that he can show off the cover for his new book, due out November 13, 2018. I’ve already reviewed the first two books for Fantasy-Faction and enjoyed them both thoroughly. Without me waffling any further, I’ll hand over to Richard.

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I’m happy to reveal the cover for the third novel in my acclaimed Black City Saint urban fantasy series!

Black City Dragon (cover)

Black City Dragon continues the saga of Nick Medea, once Saint George of dragon fame, who has been the guardian of the gateway between our world and Feirie since he made the mistake of slaying the dragon, the original gatekeeper. Bound to the Gate as it drifted through our world, he has spent the last sixteen hundred years trying to keep the dangers of both realms from wreaking havoc on each other.

But now, with the Gate permanently fixed in Chicago since the true events of the Great Fire, and the bootlegger wars of Prohibition in full swing, Nick is finding that forces are trying more than ever to breach the portal. Worse, Nick’s past is catching up to him as well, including the constant reincarnation and eventual violent death of the woman he loves.

But all that may pale against the darker danger lurking within Nick himself. A danger he had with him since he became that legend. For sixteen hundred years, Nick has carried the dragon inside him, a conniving, manipulative being always seeking control. The last time the dragon seized mastery, Chicago burned. This time, it will be a lot worse.

Having grown up in Chicago, I was always fascinated by the Roaring Twenties. I also grew up with the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. Eventually, the two had to come together. Happily, the results have done pretty well for me. While each story is separate, together they form a tapestry or an overarching saga that will have many repercussions.

Congratulations to Richard on this amazing cover and thanks again for letting us feature it! Black City Dragon, third book in the Black City Saint series, is out November 13th. To learn more about this series and Richard’s other works you can check out his website or follow him on Twitter @RichardAKnaak.


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  1. Avatar Tina Bailey says:

    I’ve not read this series yet – I’m going to add the first one to my the pile now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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