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Voyager Takeover Intro & THE BLOODPRINT

Why hello sports fans! Why are you reading this blog? This is about FANTASY. We here at HarperVoyager like to keep you on your toes and what better time to do that than at World Fantasy Con! We’re here in sunny Helsinki having a sauna and drinking with SFF royalty, plus, you know, working REALLY HARD. We hope you’re here too (and if you are then come for a pint!) but if you’re not we’ve still got some excellent treats lined up for you.

Our friends here at Fantasy Faction have kindly allowed us to use their platform to announce some super exciting books we have coming up over the next twelve months and that you might not have heard about yet.

Our plan is to announce one book per day during World Con with Fantasy Faction tweeting the blog posts.

RT us for a chance to win one of three copies of that book before ANYONE ELSE.

Winners will be picked at random. Good luck and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

*wicked laugh*

19th October 2017

A dark power known as the Talisman has risen in the land. Born of ignorance and persecution, it is led by a man known only as the One-Eyed Preacher. A superstitious patriarchy, cruel and terrifying, the Talisman suppresses knowledge and subjugates women. And it is growing.

But there are those who seek to stop the oppressive spread of the Talisman. A resistance formed of the Companions of Hira – a group of rebels versed in the power of ancient scripture, a magic known as the Claim – believe they have discovered the key to destroying the One-Eyed Preacher and his fervid followers: The Bloodprint.

Ausma is the author of the acclaimed mystery The Unquiet Dead, but this is her first fantasy and it is truly brilliant. A tale of religion, oppression, and political intrigue that radiates with heroism, wonder and hope – not the mention the seriously kick-ass females throughout – we loved it and you will too.

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