The Moonsteel Crown by Stephen Deas – Cover Reveal & Excerpt

The Moonsteel Crown

Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6: The First Five Fall

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off #6

The First Five Fall

The Museum of Magical Miniatures: Gallery One

The Museum of Magical Miniatures

Gallery One


Voyager Takeover: Announcing Witchsign

Den PatrickThe takeover continues, although there’s a vent that we at Fantasy-Faction considered escaping from. When we talked about it though, the cakes, coffee, books and comfortable chairs provided by Voyager are better than our normal work conditions, so we thought we’d let them get on with it…

Oh, Den Patrick! You’re about to hear about him… I’ve got a tale first though!

As many of you know, we’ve got a Grim Gathering coming up in September. This will be our 6th event now, but Den was there at the very first. At that time, Den wasn’t a professional author… he was a fan who was working at the bookshop who were hosting the event (Blackwells). He actually introduced me, Peter Brett, Myke Cole, Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence and co to the audience who had shown up to listen to us chat (brave bunch).

After the event, I had chance to speak with Den and he had been working on a few fantasy guide type books with the view of novels in the future. That wasn’t all that long ago, yet today’s announcement will mean that he has sold 6 books plus this new series and can call Peter V. Brett and Mark Lawrence (also of Voyager) colleagues… Inspiring!

Anyway, over to Queen Bardon!

We are delighted to announce and to be publishing Den Patrick’s new series!

Den is a brilliant and talented new voice as well as a passionate and involved member of the SFF community. Get ready to have your socks well and truly knocked off. This is one you absolutely do not want to miss!

It has been seventy-five years since the dragons’ rule of fire and magic was ended. Out of the ashes, the Solmindre Empire was born.

Since then the tyrannical Synod has worked hard to banish all manifestations of the arcane from existence. However, children are still born bearing the taint of the arcane, known to all as witchsign. Vigilants are sent out across the continent of Vinterkveld to find and capture all those bearing the mark.

No one knows when the Vigilants of the Synod will appear and enforce the Empire’s laws.

But today they’re coming.

And gods help those who bear

the sign of the witch.

You’ve got a bit of a wait, but just so you’re prepared: Witchsign will hit shelves on 22nd May 2018!


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  1. Avatar Andy Angel says:

    Really liking the sound of this. Congrats to all.
    Awesome cover art too – that sold me even before I read the blurb

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