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HarperVoyager: ‘Coldmaker’ Announcement

A number of the HarperVoyager team (authors and editors) are over in Helsinki, celebrating WorldCon. They’ve been teasing us with pictures of a great event and selfies with George R.R. Martin… Check out this picture of Fantasy-Faction favourites Peter Newman and Emma Newman interviewing George R.R. Martin on a special WorldCon edition of Tea & Jeopardy !!!

Anyway, the HarperVoyager trolls keeping us captive during their takeover only allow us a couple of minutes on a keyboard each morning, so I’d better hand you over to Queen Natasha Bardon (HarperVoyager Editor extraordinaire), to tell you about the next release… remember to share and/or retweet the social media content that brought you here to be in with a chance to win it!

I said brrrrrr it’s cold in here, there must be some magic in the atmosphere. Ok, so not our finest segue, but you get the picture. We have an awesome book coming out this winter from Daniel A. Cohen!


Daniel A. Cohen

Eight hundred years ago, the Jadans angered the Crier. In punishment, the
Crier took their Cold away, condemning them to a life of enslavement in a world bathed in heat.

Or so the tale goes.

During the day, as the Sun blazes over his head, Micah leads the life of any Jadan slave, running errands through the city of Paphos at the mercy of the petty Nobles and ruthless taskmasters.

But after the evening bells have tolled and all other Jadans sleep, Micah escapes into the night in search of scraps and broken objects, which once back inside his barracks he tinkers into treasures.

However, when a mysterious masked Jadan publicly threatens Noble authority, a wave of rebellion ripples through the city.

With Paphos plunged into turmoil, Micah’s secret is at risk of being exposed. And another, which has been waiting hundreds of years to be found, is also on the verge of discovery…

The secret of Cold.



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