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Fire Beneath the Skin by Victor Gischler – Series Review

Fire Beneath the Skin

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Bloodmage by Stephen Aryan – Cover Reveal

It seems this is cover reveal week on Fantasy-Faction! Today with have the pleasure of revealing the second book in Stephen Aryan’s Age of Darkness series: Bloodmage. The first book, Battlemage, featured a fireball slinging wizard. Bloodmage’s cover follows the theme of battle with a more traditional weapon. But before we reveal the main attraction, let’s see what this book is about.

Watchmen and spies, assassins and criminals will clash on the streets in this magic-fuelled adventure from the author of Battlemage.

The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war, but their future is looking darker than ever.

Byrne is a Guardian of the Peace, investigating a series of murders in which the corpses were drained entirely of life.

Fray’s expertise with magic is needed to catch the killer, but working with the Guardians destroyed his father, years before.

Choss, renowned as a fighter, must work for peace, to diffuse a war in the underworld that threatens to turn the streets red with rivers of blood.

Katja must use her skills as a spy to prevent a massacre that will topple two dynasties and destroy the fragile peace in the city for ever.

Sounds awesome right? But don’t just take our word for it. See what these authors had to say:

“Stephen Aryan puts the epic into epic fantasy. This is a ground-shaking debut, full of fiery promise.” – Den Patrick, author of The Boy with the Porcelain Blade

“A vivid and rousing adventure with the kind of magic that punches you right in the face.” – Jen Williams, author of The Copper Promise

“Aryan’s battle scenes are visceral masterpieces that transport the reader deep into the melee. Read. This. Book.” – Taran Matharu, author of the Summoner novels

All right I think we’ve teased you enough. Presenting Bloodmage!

Bloodmage (cover)

This brilliant cover was designed by Nico Taylor at Little, Brown Book Group and illustrated by Steve Stone.

I love the way they portrayed the action. The sword held with both hands by its wielder, ready to deliver the killing blow to his opponent. In a single glance, this cover puts you in the heat of battle. Very well done!

Battlemage, the first in the Age of Darkness series, is available now. The sequel, Bloodmage, is due out in April. To find out more about Stephen Aryan’s series you can check out his webpage or you can follow him on Twitter @SteveAryan.


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