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Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop
Book Name: Vision in Silver
Author: Anne Bishop
Publisher(s): Roc
Formatt: Hardcover / Audiobook / Ebook
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 3, 2015

Anne Bishop is really a remarkable writer. She can spin a tale that draws you into the heart of the story right at the get-go. Vision in Silver is the third book in her Others series, and I was already on the edge of my seat in chapter one. Between the finely balanced tension and light-hearted humor, I was completely engrossed, savoring every sentence. Her characters are so well developed that I want to read each one of their backstories.

Vision in Silver picks up with Meg, the blood prophet, working as the Courtyard’s Human Liason, navigating her way as a free individual and trying to help other cassandra sangue who are not adapting as well to their newfound freedom. There is a theory that the life span of a blood prophet consists of one thousand cuts. We do not know how many cuts Meg has, but old age is not in any of her kind’s future. The temptation to cut in order to protect her friends and the addicting euphoria that accompanies each cut becomes a constant struggle for Meg. Learning to be a friend and live within a society present their own challenges as well.

With the increasingly dangerous movement of Humans First and Last swaying more followers to its rank, the terra indigene are once again thinking that humans are not worth the effort of compromise. Patience wears thins when the threat is brought within their walls. It seems the humans have forgotten their own history not too long ago, doomed to repeat it. Simon Wolfgard, the Courtyard’s leader, must consider what he is willing to risk to ensure his people’s safety and the humans he has come to care about. A lot of suspense is built up, making you wonder what it will take to make the Others wipe the board clean once again. That is what actually made me keep holding my breath. Will this act of contempt be the last straw?

I must say that even though the timeline of the story is quite short (less than three weeks), it reads rather quickly. Time does not move forward so much as the growth and transformation of the characters. This is where Bishop’s talent really stands out. It is amazing how each of her characters is so well crafted as to make you want more of each of them. And there are so many! Even more impressive is the lack of long descriptions. The actions and dialogue itself is the scaffolding this world is built upon. The actual physical setting of the story is in the background where it belongs. The characters truly drive the story, and it is a fascinating one that tackles issues like what it means to be truly free, what family looks like, what a friend looks like. The Others operate with child-like curiosity at times in regards to humans but they are far from naïve. What we know of these ancient beings so far is just enough to keep you coming back.

*Spoiler Alert*

That said, I have a bone to pick with how this book ended. The last quarter of the novel suddenly started suffering from stretching-the-series syndrome. I understand writing is a business at some point, but after all the build-up and suspense, to blithely leave off with, “We will face whatever comes at us together,” is weak. Weak, I say!

*End Spoilers*

Usually I want the next book in my hands NOW. This time, I think I can stand to wait. With two more books now added to the series, I’m afraid of another anti-climactic ending in book four. Despite my disappointment, I know I will still read it at release. Bishop’s storytelling is just too good to pass up.


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  1. Chris in NM says:

    I have the audible version of this book sitting on my iPod waiting. It just had to come out as I am in the middle of Jaye Wells’ Prospero’s War series. I am in the middle of book 2 with book 3 still to go and I am enjoying it too much to interrupt, but it is really, really tempting.

    I have loved Anne Bishop’s work since some friends introduced me to her Black Jewels series years ago. Audio versions of Fantasy and Science Fiction books were not as readily available as today, so one of my friends read the series to me through ‘The Invisible Ring’ when audio versions started to come out. That series and its characters remain favorites of mine still today and the cast of her Others series have rapidly become favorites as well.

    I still need to read her other books, perhaps when I’ve caught up on the large number of releases for series I read that are coming this spring and early summer.
    Thanks for the great review. I will come back and read the spoiler section when I have read the book.

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