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3rd Book by Peter Newman signed!

FFGGFantasy-Faction has made no secret of our love for Peter Newman and his work. We’re not entirely sure how such a delightful fellow writes such dark novels, but we’ve theorised that because he is so nice he needs to spend about 2/3 hours a day acting quite the opposite, evil almost, and it is during this time that he gets his Vagrant writing done.

Regardless of how Peter writes his novels, the main thing is that he does write them and they are awesome. For those who haven’t had chance to pick them up yet, Peter’s first book – The Vagrant – was about a faceless, voiceless, hooded-man who wonders through a demon-invested fantasy/sci-fi hybrid world towing with him a baby, a sword and, for a while, a goat. If that sounds like something you’ve not experienced before (if it doesn’t then please tell me where!) then Peter’s abstract prose style is equally unique and alluring.

Anyway, enough praising (and theorising about) Peter, we’re writing this post to bring you some excellent news: HarperVoyager has acquired rights to the final book in a trilogy by Peter Newman.

The Vagrant (detail)That’s right. Until now it had been presumed that Peter’s series was only two books long. Although we can’t be sure, we think perhaps there was a Peter V. Brett-type scenario with Peter where Harper signed two books with Peter Newman agreeing that the series ‘could’ be wrapped up in two, but once the sales came in and fans began demanding more work, the series was signed for its full length.

The second book in the series is actually due out this April and will be called The Malice. We spoke to Peter a bit about it earlier in the year and he told us that he felt much more comfortable writing it and that it was actually significantly better than the first. This third book, we are told, will be called The Seven and will be available 12 months later than that sequel in April 2017.

Peter’s Editor, Natasha Bardon, who has really been making waves across SFF by signing up some fantastic debuts this year, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be carrying on this fantastic series. Peter Newman is a rising star. His perfectly balanced blend of fantasy, science fiction and humour is so refreshing. I’m so pleased that fans will be able to return to a world filled with winged swords, demons, vagrants and goats.”

Peter NewmanPeter said: “I’m delighted to have the chance to conclude the Vagrant’s story. I’m also very grateful to Harper Voyager for showing confidence in me at this early stage of my career, and to everyone who has supported the book so far; this wouldn’t have happened without you.”

We will bring you reviews of each book as we land our hands on them! Until then we want to congratulate Peter (and Harper Voyager!) and let him know that we’re damned excited he’ll be sticking around on Bookshelves and Kindle Screens for the foreseeable future.



  1. Avatar Jon_Anon says:

    I have this book, I need to read this book.

  2. Avatar JC Crumpton says:

    Vagrant is the top book on my birthday wish list this coming weekend. In answer to your query about a character toting along a baby there is a similar plot in Marvel’s graphic novel Cable: Messiah War. Of course the weaponry was a bit more technological. I enjoyed it, and from everything I hear, I am going to enjoy Newman’s book possibly to an even greater degree.

    Great site on genre fiction and related news. Keep up the good work.

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