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The Memory of Souls by Jenn Lyons



Way of Kings Readalong – Launch Post

We’re not far away from the release of one of the most anticipated novels of our generation, Words of Radiance : The Stormlight Archive Book Two.

Fantasy-Faction is most excited about the launch of this one and we’re teaming up with Gollancz, the UK publishers, to do a readalong of the first book, Way of Kings.

Here’s the blog post Gollancz made yesterday announcing the readalong:

Announcing The Way of Kings Readalong

Breaking news! We’re teaming up with the brilliant Marc Aplin of Fantasy Faction for a read along of Way of Kings! We know many of you are as excited as we are for the upcoming publication Words of Radiance and thought now was the perfect time to have a look back at the series so far.

This isn’t going to be your typical read along; no way! In true Gollancz Geeks and Fantasy-Faction style we want to make this a community event. We want to hear your comments, questions and thoughts as we make our way through The Way of Kings. Leave us a comment each week and we’ll be drawing a winner for a special read along prize!

But that’s not all? We’re giving away 30 copies of The Way of Kings (Part 1 and Two) to kick off the read along. You can sign up to be entered into our random draw to get your hands on a copy by [clicking the link] below, but hurry the random draw closes on 20th February at midnight.

Now, to get us started, you can read the first three chapters of The Way of Kings here.

Click here to enter the competition!

Essentially, my plan for this readalong is to provide short and concise chapter summaries that will allow people to refer back to the readalong in years to come and remind themselves what happened where. In addition, I want to try and spot important plot points and thinks that Brandon has buried within the text that may come to be more important as the series progresses. Finally, I want to raise questions and debates that will allow the community to read and enjoy this book together in a way that enhances the experience.

Now, I know that we aren’t going to finish this readalong in time for Words of Radiance’s release, but if you stick with us you’ll be able to get started just a few weeks after its release.

If you intend to join in the read along or even just follow the posts, could you sign your name and Twitter username (if you have one)? I’ll drop you a tweet when each post goes up (no more than one a week). Can’t wait – it’s gonna be fun! 😀



  1. Avatar neongrey says:

    I’ve been meaning to read this and haven’t yet (potential spoilers don’t bother me). Twitter is neongrey33. Thanks!

  2. Avatar zalost says:

    Bought the book last year, still haven’t started since i’m trying to finish the Malazan series (just finished Dust of Dreams). This read along looks like a good break from malazan world. Twitter id @ariffhidayatull

  3. Avatar Nina says:

    Count me in! My twitter is @brownball.

  4. Avatar Rolando Lamb Jr says:

    I am excited about this readalong. I have never seen this done before actually! My twitter is @itisRolando

  5. Avatar Natalie says:

    I too have been meaning to read Brandon Sanderson but yet to get round to it, this seems a great way to start. Twitter username is The_Natalyst

  6. Avatar hyptonize says:

    I’ve read the fist 90 pages or so, but currently haven’t touched the book for weeks. This would be a great way to start reading it again. My Twitter username is @TimOerlemans

  7. Avatar Alexis says:

    Can’t wait! I’m @alexisonpaper .

  8. I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while, and it’s sitting on my Kindle calling my name, so I’m definitely in! I’m @RebekahLoper on twitter.

  9. Avatar Banjaxed says:

    I’m up for the read along. Sounds fun. Got the Kindle version of both books cheap thanks to this newly discovered brilliant site. Twitter ; @BanjaxedSam

  10. Avatar Natty Willy says:

    Can a reply count? #WayofKings @willcat12

  11. Avatar Davieboy says:

    Currently listening to The Way of Kings audiobook – I guess that counts me in! @davidmenashy

  12. Avatar Davieboy says:

    BTW Just watched the Brandon Sanderson interviews you did back in 2011 – your excellent questions really drew him out, well done!

  13. Avatar Robert says:


  14. Avatar Jessie H. says:

    I’ve wanted to read this since I got it as a kindle deal a while back. Just the excuse I need to start it. Count me in! @Jessi_squeakers

  15. Avatar AVJones says:

    Been meaning to read Way of Kings for a while @alperfuro

  16. Avatar Franjo says:

    I’m definitely in. This will be a great refresher since I read WoK about two years ago. Twitter is @Darth_Luceus

  17. Avatar Dominic Bromley says:

    Just finished The Wise Man’s Fear (late to the party I know) just in time for a re-read of Way of Kings, so this will be great. @DomBromley7

  18. Avatar DBASKLS says:

    As this is currently sat on my Kindle waiting to be read, I’m in! @dbaskls

  19. Avatar Victoria J says:

    Have never taken part in a readalong and would love to! On twitter at drvictoriajames

  20. Avatar Nick says:

    Already started my re-read but will definitely follow yours – @ns_jenkins

  21. Avatar Tom Owens says:

    Not read a Sanderson book for at least, oh, 2 weeks. Should be great, am @tomthedoctor on Twitter

  22. Avatar Paul F says:

    Great idea. I’m about 350 pages in, so MAY finish in time for book 2! Tweet me @mokofil

  23. Avatar Shaad Zaman says:

    Just started to reread it for a third time! I am just about to start the prologue! @ShaadZaman21

  24. Avatar Jonny_Anonymous says:

    I’v never done a read along before but sure, why not? @ShaunH22

  25. Avatar Christopher Keene says:

    B-b-but Memories of Ice…?

  26. Avatar blodeuedd says:

    I’d love to re-read cos I do not remember much but…sadly too many other review books to be read first

  27. Avatar Jaedia says:

    Will do my best to join in! @jaediasrantpage

  28. Avatar Joshua H. says:

    I’m in! @iamsuperlofi

  29. Avatar Drew says:


  30. Avatar ladybritches says:

    Looking forward to it. @vonnywrites

  31. Avatar algon 33 says:


  32. Avatar Philip Overby (@Philip_Overby) says:

    I have this in hardcover and have been wanting to get it finished for a while now, so this gives me an excuse. I’m about 100 pages in, I believe. Twitter is @Philip_Overby.

  33. Avatar ihate_00 says:

    …..I have read only a few chapters till now, so I guess I’ll join……twitter is ihate_00

  34. Avatar J_Q says:

    Count me in. @JoshQuinnett

  35. Avatar Ashley says:

    I’m in @ashtreesmeadow

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