Reaching Outside the Genre

Reaching Outside the Genre


Blood of Assassins by R. J. Barker

Blood of Assassins


J. P. Ashman Interview – Black Guild

J. P. Ashman

Interview - Black Guild


Warhammer 40k Movie gets a trailer…

The-Lord-InquisitorDid you know that in 2010 an Official Warhammer 40k film was released? No? Well, maybe you did and you understandably forced yourself to forget about it… The sad fact of the matter is that it wan’t very good. Apparently even the team behind it readily admit it too; putting it down to a lack of resources and some wrong decisions along the way.

One good thing that did come out of the project though was that it fuelled something in fans who felt Warhammer 40k deserved better. One of these fans, Erasmus Brosdau, had not only the desire but the skills and resources to do something about it too. He made plans to develop a 40 minute film entirely off his own back with the hope that he’d inspire the guys over at Warhammer HQ that a film – even one not commercially backed – if properly nurtured into being could be a success.

Thankfully, after he began releasing concepts and ideas for ‘The Lord Inquisitor‘, Brosdau confirmed that the Warhammer peeps had been in touch to let him know they were fine with him continuing the project so long as he didn’t profit from it. That was three years ago now, so we’ve waited some time, but finally Brosdau and the team are able to reveal a trailer of what has been going on behind the scenes. Check it out:

Incredibly, that whole video was rendered using a single GTX 780ti graphics card and using the CryEngine Cinebox. Apparently that is soon to change though (an upgrade of the rendering machines / process is soon to follow) and development will now speed up somewhat. To help get the project rolling, Brosdau has put together a team of over 30 volunteers, including some names who have previously worked on official 40k projects.

We look forward to seeing what comes next 🙂


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  1. I’ve been on the fence where it comes to Warhammer 40K, mainly because of Black Library’s borderline exploitation of the franchise.

    That teaser may have finally tipped me towards trying it anyway.

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