A Sea of Broken Glass by Sonya M. Black – SPFBO #5 Finals Review

A Sea of Broken Glass

SPFBO #5 Finals Review

2019’s Best New Genre TV Shows

2019’s Best

New Genre TV Shows

Luanne G. Smith Interview – The Vine Witch

Luanne G. Smith Interview

The Vine Witch


THE HOBBIT IN 72 SECONDS… Cause you ain’t got 9 hours.

Not everyone has enjoyed The Hobbit movies so far and that’s a problem. Expected to sit at around 9 hours in total, when all is said and done, that’s a lot of life to waste on a trilogy of movies. What if you are one of the people who didn’t enjoy it and a friend comes to you asking whether they should watch them?

I guess the simple answer is to tell them to read the books, but perhaps they are not really the reading type. In that case, surely you should not deny them the fantastic story behind the movies: Bilbo’s quest, his meeting with Gollum, the dragon Smaug and so, so much more! Well, the Brotherhood Workshop has your friend’s back; they’ve produced a 72 second version of The Hobbit that takes you from the start of the plot to finish.

Sadly, the guys couldn’t afford actors, so they’ve had to make do with Lego figures. However, I’d argue that this one is all the better for it 🙂

If you enjoyed that then you will probably also enjoy the making of feature too.

Oh, and follow the guys on Facebook – I’m sure you will agree that they deserve it! 🙂


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