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SLEEK New Covers for Robin Hobb’s Farseer Series

So, last week we posted up the news that George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire series was to undergo a cover redesign here in the UK. The majority of our readers – and us too – were less than impressed with the travelbook like designs, but kind of saw where Waterstones were coming from… they wanted to provide an option for readers who were interested in George R.R. Martin’s work but didn’t want to be recognised as reading fantasy out in public (*sigh*).

Old-CoversAnyway, back to Robin Hobb’s cover redesign… I personally think they are beautiful and that they work phenomenally well in relaying the contents of the book. I’ve enjoyed all the covers of Robin Hobb’s books so far, but I guess on reflection that the original ones (the Wheel of Time reminiscent ones by John Howe) do scream Tolkien-esque ‘Epic Fantasy’ and point towards a very niche market, whilst the more recent ones (with a selected creature on them by Jackie Morris) perhaps understate the human element in the series. These new covers, also by Jackie Morris, offer a happy medium and also introduce the ‘historical’ element to the covers promise of the contents, I feel.

Assassins-Quest Royal Assassin Assassins-Apprentice

Of the covers Robin Hobb said that she has been ‘waiting to lift the curtain on [these] for a long time and that she feels the covers are ‘wonderful’ and that ‘[Jackie Morris] has now outdone herself’.

It remains to be seen whether the remainder of Robin’s books will get the same treatment. We certainly hope so! Also, you have to wonder whether her new series – due out in summer we believe – will follow the new scheme or the old scheme… Maybe even both (old in Hardback, new in paperback or something)?

I still maintain that the ‘coolest’ Robin Hobb books I’ve ever seen are the French graphic novel covers that completely and utterly suit my tastes (although I do yield in accepting that they wouldn’t suit the tone of the book):


Anyway, whilst we wait patiently for Robin’s new series, do let us know what you think of these reissues. Oh, and if you want more Robin Hobb, you can read our interview with the bestselling author here too.



  1. Avatar Samuel S. B. says:

    Compared to the ASoIaF covers…these are a better fit and I find myself accepting them.

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