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Fonda Lee, Andrea G. Stewart, and K. S. Villoso

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Blade’s Edge and Traitor’s Hope

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Half A King gets a UK Cover & Abercrombie fans get 12,000 words

OK, so I’m in the fortunate position that I’ve been able to talk Joe Abercrombie’s publishers into sending me a review copy of Half A King. However, I know that the vast majority of you haven’t yet been able to get your hands on a copy and are dying to hear as much about it as is physically possible. Well, rather than me spend this post telling you how I believe it is Joe’s easiest and most enjoyable read yet (I’ll do that in a review in a few weeks time), how about you head over to Joe’s website where he has decided to publish a massive seven chapters, or 12,000 words, of the novel – for free!

Just click here…

Additionally, a few of our readers weren’t 100% sold on the American cover of the book… they felt it was a little plain. Well, if you had that opinion then I’ve got some good news for you: THE UK COVER ROCKS… check it out:


Where are the maps you ask? Joe explains: “Well, new series, new world, new style, new publisher, you need a new look to underline the difference. Future books in the First Law world will probably echo the parchmenty style.”

Finally, for those who haven’t heard of Half A King (what rock have you been hiding under!?), Joe feels that ‘In some ways this is a very different sort of book from what I’ve written so far.  It’s aimed partly at younger readers (maybe the 12-16 range).  It’s much shorter – 80,000 words’. Of the setting, Joe says ‘it’s set in a very different world with what you might call a viking or anglo-saxon feel.  It’s much more focused, with a single point of view.  It’s not so overtly ‘gritty’ although it’s a long way from smooth.  It is punchy.  It has drive.  I aimed to deliver a slap in the face with every page.’

For anyone worried that the book won’t appeal to them because it is aimed at a younger audience, I’d say don’t worry. The book has the same mass appeal that the vast majority of fantasy books have – there isn’t the same depth to the book or the same graphic nature, but in many ways that enhances the reading experience. Joe’s work tends to leave me in deep thought where as this book doesn’t give you time – you’ll be too busy flipping through the pages anticipating the next twist, turn or revelation. Additionally, it is as full of memorable characters as any of Joe’s other works and I feel that Joe won’t be able to turn his back on YA once he is done as he’ll have too many of us shouting for more adventures using this same sty;e.

Anyway, I’m starting to do what I promised not to do for a few weeks yet, so: just give the first seven chapters above a read and you’ll see for yourselves!


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  1. Avatar Caleb Ross says:

    This is a gorgeous cover. Why does the American one have to be so… black? Oh well, at least the novel is interesting. Never read a Joe Abercrombie story before and this one looks really interesting, so I’ll probably start here. Thanks for sharing!

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