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Patrick Rothfuss Interview – The Name of the Wind Playing Cards Kickstarter

Patrick RothfussWe tracked down Patrick Rothfuss for an interview about his collaborative The Name of the Wind Playing Cards Kickstarter project. In this thirty-four minute interview, Pat answers a few questions and shares his Kickstarter experience.

For those of you scratching your heads, go on over to the Kickstarter project page to see exactly what this is all about. Or, keep reading for our last minute break down of the project, followed by the interview.

The Project

Patrick Rothfuss teamed up with the artists of Albino Dragon to create a The Name of the Wind playing card deck. You can watch Pat and Albino Dragon design the chosen characters on Albino Dragon’s Youtube channel. The artwork and creative process is simply amazing. You can also see the Kvothe, Devi, Laurien, and Deoch and Stanchion cards, and a couple others, about halfway down the Kickstarter page.

Ace, king, queen, and jack respectively, the characters (and objects) included in the deck are as follows:

The Name of the Wind Playing CardSpades: Folly, Kote, Denna, Bast

Hearts: Talent Pipes, Deoch & Stanchion, Fela, Simmon

Clubs: Lute, Arliden, Laurien, Young Kvothe

Diamonds: Ever-burning Lamp, Kilvin, Devi, Ambrose

Jokers: Elodin, Auri

The project has already gone over a whopping $500,000, which means, that beyond evidence of the fact that Pat crushes everything, a ton of money is going to be donated to Heifer International via the thoroughly awesome Worldbuilders charity.

The Kickstarter will end and be successfully 5,093% funded tomorrow (Thursday June 13th) at 9:00pm EDT.

Head over to the Kickstarter page and become a backer while you still can!

And now on to the interview!



  1. Avatar Jay says:

    I’m heading over to the Kickstarter right now – Pat does some great things, the Worldbuilders project is esspecialy great. Thanks for the interview ^_^

  2. Autumn2May Autumn2May says:

    My husband saw me drafting this article last night and goes, “Are those cards for The Name of the Wind? I’m buying the hell out of those!” He’s really hoping the project reaches $350K so A Wise Man’s Fear gets the same treatment, then he can have the matched set. 😉

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    I started off buying just one pack of cards but ended up increasing my pledge to $70 for the “Grab all the Things” deal and a bookplate thing.

    I hope there are more things like this based on fantasy masterpieces. Especially decks of cards. I’m a sucker for decks of cards.

  4. Autumn2May Autumn2May says:

    They just hit $550K with six hours to go! 😀

  5. Avatar AT Parkinson says:

    Glad he mentioned his fans in Spain. Blimey, I’ve introduced enough people to his books.
    Also I’ve orderd two decks of cards and a bookplat.. Awesome stuff.

  6. Avatar Charlemagne says:

    I’m totally buying these cards when they come out. The art looks fantastic, I’m a huge fan of the NotW (I did a review of it on my new blog here – http://singmuses.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/the-name-of-the-wind-by-patrick-rothfuss/), and the cards look like they’re coming out around my birthday!

    So excited!

  7. […] and I’ve received some amazing things as compensation, including a deck of officially licensed The Name of the Wind playing cards done by Albino Dragon in cooperation with Patrick […]

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