Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off #4: Another Five Fall

Another Five Fall


David Dalglish Interview – Soulkeeper

David Dalglish

Interview – Soulkeeper

The Midderlands – OSR Setting Mega Review

The Midderlands

RPG Setting Mega Review


Fantasy-Faction Is Looking For Contributors

I’ve had quite a few messages lately from people asking if they can write for Fantasy-Faction. The answer is sure with the condition that you have talent and are writing the kind of things our readership would enjoy reading (predominantly reviews or articles).

Your best bet, if interested, is to e-mail: with your ideas of what you’d like to write. Right now we’re especially after people in the USA/Europe who read new releases and are willing to write reviews for the books they’re reading. We are also looking for people in the UK who are willing to write high quality reviews for upcoming books – these people can PM me and I might be able to send them some books to review (current UK staff can do this too, but you will obviously need to review the books I send you!).

Anyway, a bit about our site and what we can offer/what you can expect:

We were formed in December 2010 and in just two and a bit years we’ve managed to amass over 2000 hits a day on average, 13,000 twitter followers, 800+ articles/reviews and interviews with authors such as Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V. Brett, Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson, Richard Morgan, Mira Grant and many others besides. Wow, that was rather sales-y wasn’t it?

Writers on Fantasy-Faction write to be part of the community and to share their work/put something on their C.V. So I’ll be honest, right away, and tell you that we don’t pay. However, should you enjoy writing and reviewing books – reveling in the idea of your writing being read by thousands of people – Fantasy-Faction could be the forum for you to get your work seen.

If you would indeed like to write for us, we accept articles and reviews between 700 and 1200 words. Articles can be about anything relating to fantasy – perhaps fun articles (e.g. top 10 fantasy clichés), scholarly articles (e.g. where the lore of Elves came from), writing advice (e.g. how to make a realistic hero), and so on. Reviews can be on any book published or self-published AS LONG AS IT IS NOT YOUR OWN WORK OR A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF YOURS. Because we are independent we obviously need to keep our credibility. As discussed above – we are actually looking for readers who try to stay at the forefront of releases right now – i.e. people who are reading books recently released.

As for deadlines and such, we are really not overly strict on this. We ask our staff to submit at least once a month – whether a review or article, just because it keeps your name out there and people talking about/recognising you.

So, what next? Give me an e-mail back and let me know what you are interested in writing for us

Reminder for Current Staff & what Prospective Staff can expect:

Part 1: Submission Guidelines

– Submissions must be proof-read and of high-quality. Please do not rush your submissions.

– Submissions must be over 700 words. We would like to aim between 800 and 1200, but slightly longer is fine. Over 1600 and consider a Part 1 and Part 2.

– All reviews must have a score out of 10 (5/10, etc).

– Send your articles/reviews in three days before the date it is due to be posted.

– Send all submissions to:

Part 2: Fantasy-Faction in Numbers

– We’ve been online for 2 years and 4 months.

– 833 Published Articles

– 13,080 Twitter Followers

– 62,537 Forum Posts

– 1,563,460 Visitors to the Main Website (not including the forum)

As a member of staff: sometimes you may feel as though you are “simply submitting an article”, but it is more than that. Your writing has become part of what Fantasy-Faction is known for: high quality and widely varied articles and reviews within the fantasy genre. Very few other websites allow a reader to explore fantasy in the way ours does. Because we have so many differences of opinions and such a variety of tastes – Fantasy-Faction offers a bit of something for everyone. Hopefully you’ll want to be part of that and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  1. Gray says:

    I’ve seen a few manga/anime reviews on the site as well and was wondering if it’s possible that I can send articles and reviews of mangas/animes as well.
    Is there a criteria for which genre of mangas/animes you approve of, as I understand this is a predominantly western fiction site.

    • Autumn2May Autumn2May says:

      You are welcome to send in a manga or anime review. The main criteria for any article or review on site is that the subject is fantasy (most of the time). We also do sci-fi and horror on occasion, as well as YA versions of each category, since they are also part of the larger speculative fiction genre.

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